Directly inputting transactions into the list

Direct Transaction Entry

The second method of entering transactions into the ledger involves editing the transaction list directly.

To do this you must first let KMyMoney know that you don't want to use the transaction form by opening the settings dialog and unchecking the Show transaction form option.

This is performed by selecting the SettingsConfigure KMyMoney... menu item and selecting the register icon from the list on the left. The option to uncheck is labeled Show transaction form. When finished click on OK to be ready to directly enter or edit transactions.

Starting the edit

To enter a new transaction into the register you can now either click on an empty entry, press Ctrl+Ins, or click New at the foot of the window. The Up and Down arrow keys let you navigate through the list. After pressing Enter or double clicking on an entry, the transaction list displays the fields required to enter the transaction and waits for input.

To move through the fields press the Tab key and when done press Enter to save the changes or Esc to cancel.

In case the option Use Enter to move between fields is selected, the Enter key moves to the next field just as the Tab key except for the last entry field where it saves the data.

Which method you use to enter transactions is up to you and is a matter of personal preference.