Working With Foreign Investments

KMyMoney supports multiple currencies and securities, and you may want to combine the two. However, doing so requires extra care to assure accurate records. As noted above, when you add a security, you must specify its trading currency. This might not be the same as the base currency for your KMyMoney file, and it also might not be the same as the default currency for the investment account in which you hold the stock or the account where you transfer your funds to/from for buys/sells.

Consider a hypothetical case, where your base currency is USD. You have an investment account in EUR, and a brokerage account also in EUR. In that investment account, you hold shares of TietoEnator, which is traded in SEK.

When you enter a buy transaction for this investment, use SEK as the currency. So if you buy 100 shares at a price of SEK 248.00, for a total of SEK 24,800.00, enter these values in the transaction.

Currency Warning

When you choose the brokerage account to fund the transfer, you'll be warned that it's in a different currency.

Exchange Rate Editor

When you finish entering the transaction, you will be prompted for a price update to the investment account's currency, in this case, SEK -> EUR. Review the documentation on Entering Prices Manually for more information on the price dialog.

If you then switch over to the brokerage account, you will see the transaction as EUR 2,254.54, assuming an exchange rate is 11.0000 SEK/EUR.