Editing Account Information

To edit a particular account, right-click that account and choose Edit account... or with that account open in the ledger, select AccountEdit Account.... A window will pop-up with several tabs, each allowing you to view and change certain information about the account. For more information on any of these details, see the section on creating a new account.

Edit account information

General.  View the general information about the account, and change the name, start or opening date, as well as some of the other basic settings of the account.

Institution.  View and change the associated banking institution and account numbers. You can also create a new institution here.

Hierarchy.  You can change the parent account by clicking on another parent account in this view of the account hierarchy.

Limits.  This tab is only present for asset and liability accounts. If you enter amounts in the available fields, KMyMoney will warn you when the account balance reaches those values.

Tax.  Here you can check whether this is a VAT account, and whether to include this account on tax reports.

Online Settings.  This tab is only be present if the account has been mapped to an online account. It has three subtabs.

  • Account Details: This shows the status of the online connection, the bank/broker and account number, and allows you to store or change the password for the online account.

  • OFX Details: Here you can adjust certain details KMyMoney uses when it establishes an OFX connection with the institution. This should only be necessary if you get certain errors when you first set up the online account, or perhaps if your institution changes its OFX server software.

  • Import Details: Here you can tell KMyMoney what to use as the start date for the import. In addition, starting with version 4.6, you can choose whether the payee's name is based on the PAYEEID, NAME, or MEMO field of the imported transaction.