Documentation not Found

Jack Ostroff

Revision Frameworks 5.73 (2020-09-08)

The requested documentation was not found on your computer.

The documentation may not exist, or it may not have been installed with the application.


Please do not email the author of this page to find the missing document. He will just tell you to follow the instructions on this page.

How to solve this issue

If the application is KDE software, first use the search function in KHelpCenter. In some cases, the documentation has a different name than the software was using to try to find it. If that doesn't work, try searching the KDE Documentation site for the requested documentation. If you find the documentation on that site, your distribution might ship a separate package for documentation (e.g. called plasma-doc for documentation related to Plasma™). Please use the package manager of your distribution to find and install the missing documentation.

If you use a source based distribution, such as Gentoo, be sure that there are not any configuration settings (USE flags in Gentoo) that might have disabled the installation of the documentation.

If you have done that, but still get this page displayed instead of the application handbook, you probably found a bug in the help system. In this case, please report this on the KDE's bugtracker under the KIO product.

If you do not find any documentation on the KDE Documentation site, the application may not have offline documentation. Please report this on the KDE's bugtracker under the product for the application.

In case the application does not have offline documentation, you should use the online resources UserBase Documentation and KDE Community Forums to get help.

For non-KDE applications, please contact the application author to determine whether there should be offline documentation available.