Lauri Watts

Nicolas Goutte

Using the man KIO worker you are able to read the man pages installed on your system. It is easy to use:


See the sections of the manual, click to find the rest.


See the man page of fopen.


See the man page of fopen in section 3.


See the index of section 3.


See the introduction of section 3.


If there are more than one man page of the name that you have entered, you will get a list where you can choose the man page that you want to see.

There is also a shortcut: #fopen, which has the same effect as above.

If you do not find all your man pages, adjust the configuration file /etc/manpath.config (or a file of a similar name depending on your distribution) or adjust the environment variables MANPATH and MANSECT.

As with any other KIO worker, it is possible to enter a URL, like man:/socket in any KDE application. Try it in KWrite and you will see the man page in HTML format.

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