The Buttons

There are three buttons located vertically along the right side of Kfloppy.


This button initiates the formatting process. Once the user is sure that all the settings are correct he or she may begin the process by clicking on this button. There will be a change in the two long rectangular boxes that span the bottom of Kfloppy.

The upper box is a status indicator that gives information about the process underway, especially the error encountered during the processing.

The lower box is a progress bar. This displays both graphically and numerically the progress of first the formatting and then the verification. Before starting it appears to be empty - showing only the figure 0% in the center. As each process takes place the progress is tracked graphically as the box fills from left to right. At the same time the number in the center will increase reflecting the precise percentage of the process that has been completed.


As Kfloppy uses external programs to format the floppy disk, it has to rely on these programs to give the right information for being able to display the progress bar. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Especially, the programs writing the file systems do not return enough data, so that the progress bar will remain at 0%.


Make sure that your floppy disk is not mounted. Kfloppy cannot format a mounted floppy disk.


Kfloppy does not unmount the floppy by itself, as this could mean that the user may overwrite a floppy disk with important data on it.


This invokes a popup menu with actions to open this handbook, report a bug, switch the application language and display author and version of Kfloppy and KDE.


Clicking on this button will close Kfloppy.