Creating a new unit test

Even though most testing frameworks require each test to also be a class, KDevelop includes a method to simplify the creation of unit tests. To create a new test, right click on a project folder and choose Create from Template.... In the template selection page, choose Test as the category, then choose your programming language and template and click Next.

You will be prompted for the test name and a list of test cases. For the test cases, you only have to specify a list of names. Some unit testing frameworks, such as PyUnit and PHPUnit, require that test cases start with a special prefix. In KDevelop, the template is responsible for adding the prefix, so you do not have to prefix the test cases here. After clicking Next, specify the license and output locations for the generated files, and the test will be created.

Unit tests created this way will not be added to any target automatically. If you are using CTest or some other testing framework, make sure to add the new files to a target.