Console Switches

Running GCompris from a command console with the --help option will display all the parameters it accepts:

-f, --fullscreenRun GCompris in fullscreen mode.
-w, --windowRun GCompris in window mode.
-s, --soundRun GCompris with sound enabled.
-m, --muteRun GCompris without sound.
-c, --cursorRun GCompris with the default system cursor.
-C, --nocursorRun GCompris without cursor (touch screen mode).
-v, --versionPrint the version of GCompris.
-l, --list-activitiesOutputs all the available activities on the standard output.
--launch activitySpecify the activity when starting GCompris.
--start-level levelSpecify the level on which to start the activity specified by --launch option when starting GCompris. Ignored if no --launch option, or if level specified is invalid.
--difficulty {value|min-max}For the session, force GCompris activities difficulty to be either at value or between min and max values. The values must be between 1 and 6, and if the format is min-max, the min value must be lower than the max value. If it is not the case GCompris will not start.
--export-activities-as-sqlExport activities as SQL.
--enable-kioskmodeEnable the kiosk mode (hides Quit and Configuration buttons).
--disable-kioskmodeDisable the kiosk mode (default).
--software-rendererUse software renderer instead of openGL (should work with any graphical card).
--opengl-rendererUse openGL renderer instead of software (faster and more graphical effects but can crash with some graphical cards).

Windows® Example

You can add these switches in the desktop icon properties. Here is an example that runs GCompris in kiosk mode in full screen, without Configuration button and cursor:

"C:\Program Files\GCompris-Qt\bin\GCompris.exe" --enable-kioskmode -f -C

GNU/Linux® Example

Create an application launcher and configure the command line parameters. Here is an example that runs GCompris in kiosk mode in full screen, without Config button and cursor:

gcompris-qt --enable-kioskmode -f -C