Further Information and Support

  • CVS comes with a complete set of documentation in the form of info pages, known as "The Cederqvist". If it is properly installed, you can browse it by typing in info:/cvs into the locationbar of Konqueror, or you can just choose HelpCVS Manual in Cervisia. An on-line PDF version of the Cederqvist is available on the web.

    As this book is maintained together with CVS, it is normally the most up-to-date reference; nevertheless, considering other documentation for learning to use CVS is recommended, in particular the following.

  • Karl Fogel has written the excellent book Open Source Development with CVS. About half of this book is about the development process of Open Source software. The other half is a technical documentation of CVS. Thankfully, the technical part of the book has been made freely redistributable under the GPL, so that you can download a HTML version of it. A list of errata is available on the web page mentioned above.

  • CVS issues are discussed on a dedicated mailing list.

  • There is USENET group comp.software.config-mgmt dedicated to configuration management in general. CVS is only marginally a topic in this group, but nevertheless it may be interesting for discussing merits of various revision control systems compared to CVS.