Diff Viewer

Number of context lines in the diff dialog:

For the diff dialog, Cervisia uses the option -U to diff. This lets diff show only a limited number of lines around each difference region (context lines). Here you can set the argument to -U.

Additional options for cvs diff:

Here you can add additional arguments to the diff. A popular example is -b which lets diff ignore changes in the amount of whitespace.

Tab width in diff dialog:

In the diff dialog, tab characters present in your file or in the output of the diff command are expanded into a fixed number of space characters. By default, each tab is replaced by eight spaces, but here you can setup a different number.

External diff frontend:

When you use any of the features which show the diff dialog, like ViewDifference to Repository..., Cervisia invokes its internal diff frontend. If you prefer a different one, like Kompare, TkDiff, or xxdiff, enter its file name and path here.