Chapter 2. Portfolio Content

WIP: Work In Progress. Do not translate!

This editor enables you to configure the content of your portfolio.

Select EditAdd (Insert) or press Add to add projects to your portfolio.

Select EditRemove (Delete) or press Remove to remove selected projects.

Add the projects you are managing and set Portfolio = Yes.

If you have resources that is used by projects not part of your portfolio and you want to re-schedule or inspect resource usage, you need to add all relevant projects and set Portfolio = No for these projects.


Project changes can be saved to the original project file or it can be embedded into the portfolio file. If you are managing projects, they should normally be saved to their original files. Set Store = External in this case. However, if you just want to see what impact changes might have, you may want to store projects embedded while you are working on different scenarios. Set Store = Embedded in this case. The projects external url is preserved if you later want to save the changes to the original file.