Managing Resources


You can create resources for a project using the Resource Editor and Work and Vacation Editor.

However, if you are going to use the same resources in many projects (which is often the case) it is more convenient to maintain resources in a separate file. The best way to do this is to create your resources file first and then set up Plan to always load this file when creating a new project.

Shared Resources

Shared Resources are resources that can be shared between project and thus facilitates resource levelling across projects.

If you are managing projects that use totally different resource pools you can create multiple resource files, but one project can only refer to one resource file.

You can select the resource file to use when creating a new project. The resources can be automatically loaded on opening your project or you can update manually by selecting ToolsUpdate Shared Resources.

Note that the project can still be opened even if the resource file is not available.

If anything has been deleted in the shared resource file, you will be presented with a dialog where you can select how to treat the deleted items.

You can select if an item shall be:

  • Removed: Removes the item from your project. This is the action you would normally select as it keeps your project in sync with the resource file. However if the item is used in your project, you may want to convert to a local item.

  • Converted: Converts the item to local item.

  • Kept: Keeps the item as a shared item in your project. Next time the resource file is loaded, you will be asked again how to treat the item.