Tag Editor

The built-in Tag Editor allows to show and change meta data of music files. To open the editor just right-click on one or more selected songs, albums, or genres, in either your collection or your playlist, click on Edit Track Details and choose the Tags tab.

Edit Tags Manually

Change the proper line to the required value and click Save & Close. Clicking Cancel discards all unsaved changes.


Tags are metadata such as the track number or the artist of the track contained in the file. A very common kind of tag is the ID3 tag.

Here is a list of tags supported by Amarok:



The title of the track.


The artist or band of the track.


The composer of the track.

Album Artist

The artist or band of the album.


The album title.

Disc Number

The disc number of the album; important in a multi-CD album.


The genre of the track. This can be a custom genre, but usually one of the predefined ones is used.

Beats Per Minute

The tempo of the track.


The number of the track on the album.


The year in which the track or album was published.


A text comment for the track.

Edit Single Track

In this mode you can change all supported tags of the chosen file.

Edit Several Tracks

Several tracks can be selected by clicking on the artist, album, or genre in the your collection or by selecting several tracks in the playlist using the Ctrl (non-sequential) or Shift (sequential) key.

All At Once

More general tags can be set for a group of tags at once. It works just like the single-track-mode, but the title and track number tags are locked.

Track By Track

This mode is pretty similar to the single-track-mode, except for the ability to switch between the selected tracks using the Next and Previous buttons. It is activated by clicking on the checkbox Per Track on the bottom of the window.

Get Tags from MusicBrainz

Amarok 2.8 has the ability to guess tags from the MusicBrainz database. Click the Get Tags from MusicBrainz, wait a moment for the database to be searched for matches, and then Update Tags, or Cancel.

If you have the packages libofa and ffmpeg installed, and Amarok is compiled with them, Musicbrainz will be able to use fingerprinting (the MusicDNS service) to search for albums and tracks without good filenames or existing tags.

MusicBrainz Tagger dialog

MusicBrainz Tagger dialog

Guess Tags From Filename

It is also possible to tag tracks using information in the filename. This is a very convenient feature when dealing with lots of files with a consistent naming scheme.

Some tracks need to be edited manually, because special characters like single quotes are omitted in file names. A preview helps to create the correct pattern.


There are also several options to format the result. These are self-explanatory.


In the basic view you get a drag-and-drop menu to create the pattern in the filename.


Filename: 01-The Beatles-Hey Jude.mp3

Tracknumber: 01

Artist: The Beatles

Title: Hey Jude


In the advanced view you can create a pattern using markers in a string.


Filename: 01-The Beatles-Hey Jude.mp3

Tracknumber: 01

Artist: The Beatles

Title: Hey Jude