Detection problems

If the tablet is not detected check the Linux® Wacom driver page if your tablet is supported. Furthermore check via lsusb if you can find your tablet.

If HAL does not handle the detection add the tablet to your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and restart the x-server.

In case of a serial device (Tablet PC and such) check if xinput --list lists your input devices (Stylus/Eraser/Pad). Should they be listed take a look at the internal tablet device id via xsetwacom get "Name of your pad or stylus" TabletID. If an id is returned please mail all the necessary information to the author.


Hotplug support is only available if the tablet is found via Solid and its notification API.

Solid checks if the value for the entry input.x11_options.Type is pen, stylus, eraser or cursor or if the value for the entry input.x11_driver is wacom.

Please mail the author if your tablet is detected by Solid but with other values to enhance the tablet support.