Chapter 5. Reporting Bugs

Before filing a bug report, please try the latest version of Smb4K. Maybe your problem has already been fixed.

Follow these directions for your bug report:

  • Describe in detail what you did to receive the problem you are reporting.

  • Provide the version of Smb4K and KF5.

  • Mention your operating system (Linux®, FreeBSD, etc.) and the distribution that is running on your computer.

  • Include the full error message if an error dialog was displayed.

  • If you experienced a crash, attach a full backtrace. For this it is recommended that you (re-)compile Smb4K with debugging symbols. How this is done is mentioned in the file shipped in the sources.

  • Add additional data, e.g. send a screen shot if you are reporting a GUI related problem.

The recommended method to report a bug is to use the dialog that opens when you click the HelpReport Bug... menu item. But you can also go directly to the KDE Bugtracking System and fill out the form.