Chapter 1. Introduction

This handbook describes Smb4K 3.2 and to some extent earlier versions.

Smb4K is an advanced network neighborhood browser and Samba share mounting utility. It provides many handy features that ease your life in a Windows®-dominated network environment:

  • Scanning for (active) workgroups, hosts, and shares using Samba's client library, DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD) and, optionally, Web Services Dynamic Discovery (WS-Discovery)

  • Support of the CIFS and SMB3 file system under Linux® as well as the SMBFS file system under BSD

  • Mounting and unmounting of shares

  • Access to the files of a mounted share using a file manager or terminal

  • Auto-detection of external mounts and unmounts

  • Remounting of previously used shares on program start

  • Miscellaneous info about remote network items and mounted shares

  • Network search

  • Preview of the contents of a remote share

  • Default login

  • Special handling of home shares

  • Ability to bookmark favorite shares

  • System tray widget

  • Support of advanced mount options

  • Support of printer shares

  • KWallet support

  • Synchronization of a remote share with a local copy, and vice versa

  • Ability to define custom settings for individual servers and shares

  • Hardware support through the Solid device integration framework, the KDBusAddons convenience classes and the Qt™ Network module

  • Wake-On-LAN capabilities

  • Plasmoid for desktop integration

  • Profiles for different network neighborhood setups

If you encounter problems while using Smb4K, please post a help request to our Help forum. In case you find a bug, please report it to our bug tracker. For discussions about Smb4K-related topics, there is the General Discussion forum, and we invite every user to participate.