Plasma Style

Andrew Lake

Carl Schwan

Revision Plasma 5.20 (2021-04-09)

Plasma™ comes with multiple styles. The Plasma™ style defines how the different components of Plasma™ are displayed (e.g. Plasmoids, panels, widgets).

Customizing Plasma™ style

In this module you can:

  • install and choose Plasma™ styles

  • edit Plasma™ styles

  • remove Plasma™ styles

It is possible to filter the style list using the Search... field above the grid. Moreover, you can use the combo box next to this field to show only the Light Themes, the Dark Themes or the Color scheme compatible themes.

If you want to remove a style, use the overlay icon at the bottom right of the style icon. To undo this action click on the icon. If you hit the Apply button the styles selected for removal are actually deleted, so you cannot undo individual or all deletions.

If the plasma-sdk package is installed on your system, a button appears hovering a style preview and lets you start the Plasma Theme Explorer.

For more technical information visit this page.

Get New Plasma Styles...

You need to be connected to the Internet to use it. Clicking on this button will display a dialog where you can choose a new plasma style. Clicking on Install in the dialog will install the chosen Plasma™ style and after you Close the installer your new style is immediately available.

Get New Plasma Styles...

Install from File...

If you downloaded new styles from the internet, you can use this to browse to the location of those newly downloaded styles. Clicking on this button will bring you the file dialog to point to the Plasma™ style tarball you have on your disk.

Clicking Open in this dialog will install the style you pointed to and make it available in the style list.