Mike McBride

Brad Hards

Revision Plasma 5.21 (2021-04-06)

This is the documentation for the System Settings module that configures mice and other pointing devices.

This module allows you to configure your pointing device. Your pointing device may be a mouse, a track ball, a touch-pad, or another piece of hardware that performs a similar function.

Left handed mouse

If you are left-handed, you may prefer to swap the functions of the left and right buttons on your pointing device by checking this option. If your pointing device has more than two buttons, only those that function as the left and right buttons are affected. For example, if you have a three-button mouse, the middle button is unaffected.

Press left and right buttons for middle-click

Check this item if you don't have a middle mouse button. You can press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time to emulate middle-click.

Pointer speed

This option allows you to change the relationship between the distance that the mouse pointer moves on the screen and the relative movement of the physical device itself (which may be a mouse, track-ball, or some other pointing device.)

Acceleration profile

The Adaptive profile is the default profile for all devices and takes the current speed of the device into account when deciding on acceleration. The Flat profile is simply a constant factor applied to all device deltas, regardless of the speed of motion.

Scrolling: Invert scroll direction

With this check box selected, the scroll wheel (if any) will work in the opposite direction (so that if rolling the top of the scroll wheel towards you previously causes a scroll down, then it will now cause a scroll up).


In Plasma™ 5.13 you find the setting to use single or double mouse clicks to open files and folders in the module Workspace.