Configure Parley

You can configure the appearance of Parley from the Dashboard, Practice, or Editor screens. Select the SettingsConfigure Parley... menu item.

Theme Page

The configuration opens with the Theme page. This is the place where you can choose how Parley should greet you when launching it: an elegant Gray version or the all time busy Bees. Note that it could well be that Fluffy Bunny is not in your version: if you want it, read the following section.

Once you selected your preferred theme, press on the OK button.

Screenshot of the Bees theme:

The Bees theme in action

And if these are not enough: you can press on the Get New Themes... button to find more themes. Over time we hope that more and more themes come along. If you know how to create SVG graphics (for example with Inkscape), you can create your own theme and share it with the world.

Theme settings page

Additional themes can be found on

General Page

The General page gives you some options regarding the behavior of Parley.

Open/Save section

Always load the last opened collection on start will immediately take you back to the vocabulary you were learning. Often you will use this together with the second option Save vocabularies automatically on close and quit because it's just handy not to have always answer the same question if changes (including learning results) should be changed or not. The option Create a backup every ... minutes can be very handy to help you save your work frequently. One less thing to think about.

Sometimes the import and/or export of text (CSV) files can be very handy and there you need the proper separator to elaborate data afterwards or to be able to read the data you got from somewhere else. Parley allows you to choose among various separators to make sure you can re-use your data.

Editing section

Here you can determine whether Parley automatically appends new rows while you are editing your vocabulary collection. This can be useful if you want to add many entries, before then splitting them up into various units. On the other hand, it can be good to have this option off if you want to work by creating units with a set maximum number of entries.

General settings page

View page

The View page allows you to change font and size for the pronunciation symbols, and you can choose the Base color for displaying grades: you like best.

View settings page