The Edit Menu

EditUndo (Ctrl+Z)

Undo the last annotation editing command (creation and removal of annotations, editing arbitrary annotation properties, relocating annotations with Ctrl+drag, and editing the text contents of an annotation).

EditRedo (Ctrl+Shift+Z)

Redo the last undo step when editing annotations.

EditCopy (Ctrl+C)

Copy the currently selected text in Text Selection mode to the clipboard.

EditSelect All (Ctrl+A)

Selects all the text (if the document provides it). This works only in Text Selection mode.

EditSelect All Text on Current Page

Selects all the text (if the document provides it) of the current page.

EditFind... (Ctrl+F)

Show the find bar on the bottom of the viewing area that allows you to search for a string in the document.

EditFind Next (F3)

Try to find the previous searched string again in the document.

EditFind Previous (Shift+F3)

Goes to the previous occurrence of the search string in the document.