Chapter 1. Introduction



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Kubrick is based on the famous Rubik's Cube puzzle, invented by Professor Ernő Rubik in Hungary in the 1970s. His original puzzle was a cube that appeared to consist of 27 smaller colored cubes, called cubies, arranged in a 3x3x3 stack. When you turned the faces of the cube, the colors of the cubies became shuffled and the challenge was to unshuffle them, so that each face of the cube contained a single color.

In Kubrick the cube sizes range from 2x2x2 (easy) up to 6x6x6 (very hard), or you can play with irregular bricks such as 5x3x2 and mats (one cubie thick) such as 6x4x1. The game has a selection of puzzles at several levels of difficulty, as well as some demonstrations of pretty patterns and solution moves. It is also possible to make up your own puzzles.