Chapter 6. Game Configuration

To open a configuration (settings) dialog use one of the menubar items: SettingsKubrick Game Settings... or GameChoose Puzzle Type with the Make Your Own... option at the end, which will display a dialog with options to change cube dimensions and shuffling difficulty. Below is a list of the options available.

Watch shuffling in progress?

Provides an animated view of the cube when it is being shuffled by the Kubrick program. You can select the speed of animation.

Watch your moves in progress?

Provides an animated view of your own moves at a speed you can select.

Speed of moves:

Sets the speed at which animations go. The range is 1 to 15 degrees of turn per animation frame.

% of bevel on edges of cubies:

Sets the percentage of bevelled edge on each cubie, relative to the size of the colored stickers. It affects the overall shape of each cubie. The range is from 4% to 30%.

Cube dimensions:

Sets the three dimensions of the cube, brick or mat in cubies per side. Dimensions can range from 2x2x1 up to 6x6x6: the larger the dimensions, the harder the puzzle. Only one of the dimensions can be 1, otherwise the puzzle becomes too easy.

Moves per shuffle (difficulty):

Sets the number of moves the Kubrick program will use to shuffle the cube. The number can range from 0 to 50: the more moves, the harder the puzzle. 2, 3 or 4 shuffling moves make for relatively easy puzzles, especially if the shuffling moves can be watched.

Selecting zero moves can be useful if you wish to experiment with different sequences of moves and what they do to the cube, such as when you are searching for pretty patterns or new solving moves.