Features of KTurtle

KTurtle has some nice features that make starting to program a breeze. See here some of the highlights of KTurtle feature set:

  • An integrated environment with TurtleScript interpreter, editor, canvas and other tools all in one application (no extra dependencies).

  • The ability to translate the TurtleScript commands using the translation framework of KDE.

  • TurtleScript supports user defined functions, recursion and dynamic type switching.

  • The execution can be slowed down, paused or stopped at any time.

  • A powerful editor featuring intuitive syntax highlighting, line numbering, error markers, visual execution and more.

  • The canvas, where the turtle draws, can be printed or saved either as an image (PNG) or a drawing (SVG).

  • Context help: help where you need it. Just press F2 (or see HelpHelp on: ...) to get help on the piece of code currently under your cursor.

  • An error dialog that links the error messages to the mistakes in the program and marks them red.

  • Simplified programming terminology.

  • Integrated example programs to make it easy to get started. These examples are translated using KDE translation framework.