Chapter 6. Game Configuration

Selecting the SettingsConfigure Shisen-Sho... menu item will open a configuration dialog which lets you alter the behavior of the game.

Shisen-Sho configuration dialog

General page


Checking this makes the game even harder: If a tile is removed, all tiles lying above it will fall down one step.

Create solvable games only

If checked, you will only be presented with games that are possible to solve. Note: Even in solvable games you can fail to complete if you remove the tiles in the wrong order.

Show message if board can no longer be solved

If checked, Shisen-Sho will try to analyze solvability of each game position and show a message to abort the game in case there are no possible moves left to win the game.

Use Chinese style: any flower match any flower, any season match any season

Use the traditional rules for matching the tiles. Previous version of Shisen-Sho used to allow only exact tiles matches, which is inconsistent with Mahjong rules. It is recommended to keep this option checked.

Tiles can slide, but you can connect only in 2 lines instead of 3

This option changes the rules to the point where it almost becomes a completely different game. When it is active, you can remove the tiles only if they can be connected by a line consisting of one or two segments instead of the customary three. However, you are allowed to slide the tiles on the board, if the row or column where they are placed has some empty space. To make a sliding move, you have to click first on the tile in the column or row that can slide, and then on the matching tile. If there are two possible sliding moves, blue lines are shown indicating these moves. You then have to click on one of the two lines to choose your preferred move.

Board Difficulty

The slider controls the difficulty of the board (i.e. how much the tiles are shuffled) from Easy to Hard.

Piece Removal Speed

Adjusting this slider alters the speed at which the pieces are removed from the screen after a match has been made.

Board Size

This slider allows you to change the number of tiles on the board. The more tiles you have, the harder (and longer) the game will be.

Tiles and Background page

Select you favorite design for tiles and background.


Opens Shisen-Sho help pages (this document).


Saves your changes and closes the dialog.


Saves your changes but does not close the dialog.


Discards all your changes and closes the dialog.