The Settings and Help Menu

Apart from the common KDE Settings and Help menus described in the Menu chapter of the KDE Fundamentals documentation KPatience has these application specific menu entries:

SettingsGame Type OptionsList of game type specific options

List options specific to the current game type. This menu is available in only certain games (Klondike and Spider).

SettingsStack OptionsFace Down (harder)/Face Up (easier)

Allows you to choose if the card faces should be shown. This menu is available in Spider only.

SettingsChange Appearance... (F10)

Open a dialog to change the card deck and game theme used.

SettingsEnable Autodrop

Enable automatically moving cards to the foundation piles when possible.

SettingsEnable Solver

Enable the automatic solving engine. When enabled, the solver will constantly try to determine whether the current game state is winnable. You may wish to disable the solver to conserve processor or battery usage.

SettingsPlay Sounds

Sounds are played when you taken or place cards. More sounds are expected in the future.

SettingsRemember State on Exit

Enable automatic saving of the game state when KPatience is shut down. If enabled, KPatience will load the previous game state automatically the next time it is started.

HelpHelp with Current Game (Ctrl+Shift+F1)

Opens the section with the Rules for the current game in this handbook.