Chapter 6. Using Bookmarks

Pamela Roberts

Although you can use Konqueror's bookmarks to record the locations of your own files and folders, they are most useful when you are surfing the Web, letting you build up a list of useful sites.

To open the Bookmarks menu left click on the Bookmarks menu. Once the list is visible, you can navigate through it with the arrow keys or with your mouse, then press Enter or left click to visit the selected location.

To add a new item to the list use Bookmarks Add Bookmark or Ctrl+B or right click on a clear space in the web page or folder view and select Bookmark this Page from the pop up menu.

The Bookmarks list can contain subfolders containing other bookmarks, you can create these with Bookmarks New Bookmark Folder... To add a bookmark into a subfolder rather than into the main Bookmark list, select the folder from within the Bookmarks list and use the Add Bookmark item in that folder.

If you enter bookmarks: in the location bar the bookmarks home page with an overview of all bookmarks and folders is shown.

If you want to edit your bookmarks use the Bookmark Editor