AdBlocK Filters

Krishna Tateneni

Revision Applications 16.12 (2016-11-08)

Konqueror AdBlocK can be configured to replace or remove images or frames from web pages that match a series of filters.

The setting Enable filters enables or disables the use of list of URL filters.

If Hide filtered images is enabled then blocked images are completely removed from the page and the space they occupied is reclaimed. If the option is disabled then a placeholder image is used in place of filtered images.

Manual Filter

The main part of this tab is a list of URLs that will be compared against image and frame names to decide on fitlering actions. The wildcards can be given as filename style regular expressions.

Each filter can either be expressed as a file style wildcard string (e.g.*) or as a full regular expression by enclosing the filter with forward slashes (e.g. //(ads|dclk)\./).

Any filter string can be preceded by @@ to whitelist (allow) any matching URL, which takes priority over any blacklist (blocking) filter.

Import and Export will save or read the current filter list to a plain text file. The file begins with a header line [AdBlock], then all of the filters follow each on a separate line. Lines prefixed with an exclamation mark (!) and the header line are treated as comments and can be used to clarify or label a set of filters.

Highlight an entry from the list to change it in the edit box or remove this item. Enter a new filter string here and add it to the list using the Insert button.

Automatic Filter

This tab shows a list of names and URL's with predefined AdBlock filter entries. To enable an entry tick the checkbox beside the filter name and adjust the Automatic update interval (default 7 days).

If AdBlock filters are enabled, an icon at the right side of status bar is shown. Use a right mouse button click on this icon to open the context menu with actions to show all blockable elements on a web page, open this System Settings module and disable blocking for a site or page temporarily.

A click with the left mouse button shows the dialog with all blockable elements on the opened web page as well. From this dialog you can add new filters directly without opening this System Settings module.