Game Configuration

To open the Configure - KNetWalk dialog, select the SettingsConfigure KNetWalk... menu item.


Using this page you can change the following game settings.

Play sounds

If checked, KNetWalk game sounds are played.

Auto lock

If checked, KNetWalk will automatically lock cell after rotation.

Reverse mouse buttons

If checked, KNetWalk uses the left click for the clockwise rotation and the right click for the counter-clockwise rotation.

Rotate duration:

Here you can determine the time needed to animate a single cell rotation.


To select the theme you want to play, go to the Theme section. The theme is loaded by clicking on OK or Apply. The current game will be ended and a new one started. You can click on the Defaults button to restore the default theme.

Custom Game

This page can be used to configure custom game settings. You can choose Width: and Height: of the board and check the Wrapping if the board should be wrapped from left to right and from top to bottom.