Chapter 6. Game Settings

The game settings can be configured by selecting the SettingsConfigure KMines... menu item. A dialog will appear.

On the General page, you can configure the following game settings.

Use '?' marks

When checked, allows using the question mark symbol to mark the squares of uncertainty. The mark on the square can be switched by clicking with right mouse button.

Allow KMines reset

When checked, allows you to reset KMines game when it is impossible to do anything but guess and your last guess is wrong.

Disable score on reset

When checked, allows you to disable scoring on reset.

Explore with left click on number cells

When checked, the left mouse button click on a number cell will have the same effect as the middle mouse button click.

On the second page, you can set the theme. Select a theme from the list. Each item in the list shows a small preview left to the theme name. A selection is immediately applied.

On the third page, you can set the height and width of the board and the number of mines in your custom level.