Chapter 3. The KSame Mode

Klickety provides a SameGame scoring mode.

The score is calculated as follows:

Subtract 2 from the number of marbles erased, and square the result.

As an example, if you erase 7 balls, then you get 25 points (7 minus 2 = 5, 5 squared is 25 points). If you erase 8 balls, then you get 36 points (8 minus 2 = 6, 6 squared is 36 points).

Get as many of the same pieces as you can, and then erase them in one click. That way you will get a higher score. The game is over when there are no pieces that can be erased.

The score will then be decreased according to the number of remaining pieces. If you erase all pieces 1,000 bonus points will be added to the final score.