Chapter 4. Adding Sounds to KLettres

If you would like to add sounds in your own language, it is very easy to do so. Record the alphabet sounds and place them in a folder named 'alpha'. Then record the most current syllables and put them in a folder named 'syllab'.

Create a text file sounds.xml, preferably using Kate as editor or another editor capable of different encoding. In this file, write all the alphabet sounds and syllable sounds you recorded, like this example for the czech language:

<language code="cs">
        <sound name="A" file="cs/alpha/a.ogg" />
        <sound name="BA" file="cs/syllab/ba.ogg" />

Replace "cs" with the two letter code and "Czech" with the name of your language. Write the sound names with the special characters of your language in uppercase in utf8.

Additionally you can tell about special letters in your language so we can easily generate the special Special Characters toolbar. Create a text file cs.txt (replace "cs" with the two letter code of your language) with each special character of your language in uppercase on one line. And save both text files with utf8 encoding (upper right dropbox in Kate allows that).

The sounds should be in ogg format and long enough for the audio player to play them (between 1.5 and 2 seconds long, please add some silence if they are too short). Then make a tarball of all that and send it to the mailinglist .

See the KLettres website for more up to date instructions on how to add a new language.