Chapter 6. Credits and License


Program copyright 2001-2007 Anne-Marie Mahfouf

I am very grateful to the following people whose contribution has been greatly valuable:

  • Brazilian Portuguese sounds: Lindonjohnson Monte (Father) and Michelle Monte 09 years (Son)

  • Czech sounds: Eva Mikulčíková

  • Danish sounds: Erik Kjaer Pedersen

  • Dutch sounds: Geert Stams

  • English sounds: Robert Wadley

  • French sounds: Ludovic Grossard

  • German sounds: Helmut Kriege

  • Hebrew sounds: Assaf Gorgon

  • Italian sounds: Pietro Pasotti

  • Kannada sounds: Vikram Vincent

  • Low Saxon sounds: Manfred Wiese and Sönke Dibbern

  • Luganda sounds: John Magoye and Cormac Lynch

  • Romanized Hindi sounds: Vikas Kharat

  • Spanish sounds: Ana Belén Caballero and Juan Pedro Paredes

  • Slovak sounds: Silvia Motyčková and Jozef Říha

  • Telugu sounds: Pavithran Shakamuri

  • Original icons: Primoz Anzur

  • Support and coding guidance: Robert Gogolok

  • SVG icon: Chris Luetchford

  • Code for generating special characters icons: Peter Hedlund

  • Port to KConfig XT, coding help: Waldo Bastian

  • Kids and grownup SVG icons, Desert theme: Danny Allen

  • Timer setting widget: Michael Goettsche

Documentation copyright 2001-2006 Anne-Marie Mahfouf

This documentation is licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.