Chapter 4. Command Line Options Reference

Only the options specific to Kleopatra are listed here. As with all KDE applications, you can get a complete list of options by issuing the command kleopatra --help.

--uiserver-socket argument

Location of the socket the ui server is listening on


Run UI server only, hide main window

-p --openpgp

Use OpenPGP for the following operation

-c --cms

Use CMS (X.509, S/MIME) for the following operation

-i --import-certificate

Specifies a file or URL from which to import certificates (or secret keys) from.

This is the command line equivalent of FileImport Certificates... (Ctrl+I) .

-e --encrypt

Encrypt file(s)

-s --sign

Sign file(s)

-E --encrypt-sign

Encrypt and/or sign file(s). Same as --sign-encrypt, do not use

-d --decrypt

Decrypt file(s)

-V --verify

Verify file/signature

-D --decrypt-verify

Decrypt and/or verify file(s)