Invoking Help

KHelpCenter can be called in several ways:

From the Help menu

The most common will probably be from within an application. Choose HelpApplication Handbook (F1) to open that application's handbook.

From the Application Launcher

Choose the big K in your panel, and select Help from the Applications tab or type help followed by selecting Help. This will open KHelpCenter with the default start page.

From the command line

KHelpCenter may be started using a URL to display a file. URLs have been added for info and man pages also. You can use them as follows:

An application help file

khelpcenter help:/kwrite

Opens the KWrite help file, at the contents page.

A local URL

khelpcenter file:/usr/local/src/qt/html/index.html

A Man page

khelpcenter man:/strcpy

An Info page

khelpcenter info:/gcc

Invoking khelpcenter with no parameters opens the default start page.