Working on repositories

Simple repository browsing may be done within Konqueror, Dolphin or similar file browsers: Open a URL with protocol described in the section called “kdesvn features” (the variants starting with k) and them will display the content. So simple operations like copy, move and delete may work. When appending a query ?rev=xxx the listing comes from a specific revision. Format of revision-query is described in Appendix A, Syntax for revisions, some more information about KIO::ksvn are in Chapter 3, Konqueror, KIO, kdesvn

All work except Copy may only done when browsing at revision HEAD.

Restoring deleted items

In subversion restoring deleted items is a copy operation of item at specific revision. So when you plan restoring view repository at revision before item was deleted. Select SubversionRepositorySelect browse revision and enter the wanted revision. Now kdesvn displays the content at this term. Mark the entry you want to restore, select SubversionGeneralCopy (Ctrl+C). Inside the following dialog the target is always at HEAD revision, the source is at revision you selected for browsing. Fill in the path and click OK and copy starts. After successful copy switch browsing back to HEAD revision and the restored item should appear.

Importing folders

Due restrictions of subversion itself only folders, not single files, may imported.

With drag and drop

Mark in any compatible file manager the folder you want to import and drag it to the folder entry in kdesvn where you want to import it.

Select folder to import with directory-browser

Mark the folder where you want to import a new folder. Then select SubversionGeneralImport folders into current and select your wanted folder.