Properties used by kdesvn for configuration

Bugtracker integration

The TortoiseSVN project designed a nice property system for integrating bugtracker into subversion GUI. The current version of kdesvn does not support extra fields in commit box (will follow later) and doesn't understand all but following properties:

Table 2.1. Bugtracker Integration Properties

bugtraq:urlHolds the URL to bugtracker. It has to contain the %BUGID% marker.

Contains one or two regular expressions, separated by a newline.

If only one expression is set, then the bare bug ID's must be matched in the groups of the regex string. If two expressions are set, then the first expression is used to find a string which relates to the bug ID but may contain more than just the bug ID (e.g. Issue #123 or resolves issue 123). The second expression is then used to extract the bare bug ID from the string extracted with the first expression.

Please keep care about not wanted spaces after the regular expression and don't forget the brackets around the number description.

Single (usable with TRAC):


Now all numbers like #190 will parsed and translated to an URL in log output.

Two expressions:

[Ii]ssue #?(\d+)(,? ?#(\d+))*


Keep care of white spaces after the (\d+)! This is one of the most common errors causing these expressions do not match!

On local opened repositories (i.e. file:// protocol) and on working copies these properties will searched upward from opened folder until found or the subversion top level is reached. On repositories opened via network (all except file:// protocol) it is only searched on opened folder itself.

Support for multiple sets of these properties may follow later, (e.g., in subfolder extra values for other tracker etc.) but in most cases evaluating single tracker links should be enough.