Subversion and timed jobs settings

Table 5.1. Subversion

Start check for updates when open a working copyWhen open a working copy start a check for updates in background
Start fill log cache on openIf set kdesvn start (re-)filling the log cache when open a repository or working copy if repository URL is not assigned local (file://)
Check if items has svn:needs-lock setCheck on working copies if an item has this property set and if yes, displays a special overlayed icon. Setting this may let listings get real slow.
Get file details while remote listingWhen checked, kdesvn get more detailed info about file items when making a listing to remote repositories. So you may see remote locks in overview. Be careful: This may let listings REAL slow!
Gain item info recursiveWhen activated, info on folders will gain information about all items below, may be real slow.
Store passwords for remote connectionsStoring passwords is often a security problem. Subversion stores its passwords into a flat file, i.e. passwords in the plain text! So be careful setting this flag and see next entry, too. This item only says if saving passwords is the default, you may change it for specific realms inside login dialog.
Store passwords into KDE WalletWhen saving passwords, the plain text file from subversion is a security hole. kdesvn is able saving them into encrypted KDE wallet instead there (starting with version 0.12.0) and use them. On other hand other subversion clients aren't able reading them so you must enter them if using tools like svn command line tool or rapidsvn, too. As long as subversion does not encrypt password storage you should think twice about it.
Use internal password cacheWhen a password is not stored persistent kdesvn may hold it until kdesvn ends, so you may not need to enter it again for each operation. This cache is never persistent, i.e. it will not be saved anywhere.
Log follows node changesIf checked log follows copy operations.
Log always reads list of changed filesThe log command may read list of changed files in commit. This is useful and in most cases it cost not real more traffic.
Review items before commitWhen doing a commit kdesvn may make a check what to do. For example, if unversioned items are below which may be added, list items changed and current operation will commit. This cost a depending on tree more or less time.
Hide new items in commit boxShould unversioned items displayed in commit dialog or not.
Update modifies instead of conflictsIf set, a local addition at the same path as an incoming addition of the same node kind results in a normal node with a possible local modification, instead of a tree conflict.
Update makes missing parentsIf set, create any non-existent parent directories also by checking them out at depth=empty

Table 5.2. Timed jobs

Check modified items every N seconds

Check for updated items every N seconds

If set check for updates or modified items in working copy when network is enabled on regular base