Chapter 4. Credits and License


Program and documentation Copyright: 2001-2011 Sebastian Stein

Thank you goes to:

  • Anne-Marie Mahfouf for managing the KDE Edu project

  • Klas Kalass for helping design the interface

  • Eva Brucherseifer for writing KMath (KBruch's GUI is based on this work)

  • Dominique Devriese for bug fixing

  • Stefan Schumacher for testing a very early version

  • Sven Guckes for testing the text interface (which has been removed)

  • David Faure for helping with KDE CVS and KDE Bugzilla

  • Robert Gogolok for helping with KDE CVS

  • John Kesson for proof reading the handbook

New interface design and usability improvements for KDE 4.1:

  • Paulo Cattai

  • Danilo Balzaque

  • Roberto Cunha

  • Tadeu Araujo

  • Tiago Porangaba

This documentation is licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.