Pictures for the gifts below are for the default theme of KBreakOut.

Gift 1000 Points Score Gifts

If caught they award the player the number of points written on the gift.

Add Life Gift Add Life Gift

Gives the player an additional life.

Lose Life Gift Lose Life Gift

Makes the player lose all balls and resets the bar.

Enlarge Bar Gift Enlarge Bar Gift

Enlarges the bar.

Shrink Bar Gift Shrink Bar Gift

Shrinks the bar.

Split Balls Gift Split Balls Gift

Doubles the balls.

Add Balls Gift Add Balls Gift

Gives the player an extra ball attached to the bar, which can be fired whenever the player wants.

Sticky Bar Gift Sticky Bar Gift

After catching this gift, every time a ball touches the bar it remains attached to it, allowing the player to fire again.

More Exploding Bricks Gift More Exploding Bricks Gift

Makes all bricks to the top, bottom, right, and left of exploding bricks exploding bricks themselves. This also applies to hidden and unbreakable bricks.

Burning Ball Gift Burning Ball Gift

Transforms all the balls in burning balls. When a burning ball hits a brick also the bricks to the top, bottom, left and right of it get destroyed. A burning ball destroys all types of bricks regardless of their types.

Unstoppable Ball Gift Unstoppable Ball Gift

Transforms all the balls into unstoppable balls. An unstoppable ball destroys all bricks it encounters on it's path, regardless of their type, and never bouncing against them.

Magic Eye Gift Magic Eye Gift

Shows all hidden bricks.

Magic Wand Gift Magic Wand Gift

Transforms all multiple and unbreakable bricks into simple bricks.

Increase Speed Gift Increase Speed Gift

Increases the speed of the ball by 30% of the current speed.

Decrease Speed Gift Decrease Speed Gift

Decreases the speed of the ball dividing the current speed by 1.3.

Next Level Gift Next Level Gift

Opens the next level of the game immediately.