Chapter 4. Configuring Kalzium

Kalzium has many configuration options, which you can access by opening the configuration dialog by selecting SettingsConfigure Kalzium... from the menu.


In the Schemes tab, you can change the different colors for each scheme.


Instead of using a linear gradient to display the given property of an element in the periodic table, Kalzium can also use a logarithmic gradient.

In the Gradients tab, you can check the properties you want to have displayed with a logarithmic gradient.

You can also choose Maximal Value Color: and Minimal Value Color: for the gradient.


In the Units tab, you can choose the units for energy, length and temperature. You can select if you prefer electronvolts (eV), kilojoule per mole (kJ/mol), joule per mole (J/mol) or joules (J) by default. For length set picometers (pm), nanometers (nm) or Ångström (Å) as default. The temperature is in kelvin by default but you can change to Celsius (°C), Fahrenheit (°F) and Réaumur (°Ré).


Using the Calculator page, you can configure Kalzium calculators.