You can set several graphs on the same view. Just use the Add button when you are in List mode. You can set each graph its own color.

The view can be zoomed and moved with the mouse. Using the wheel you can zoom in and out. You can also select an area with the left mouse button and this area will be zoomed in. Move the view with the keyboard arrow keys.


The viewport of 2D graphs can be explicitly defined using the Viewport tab on a 2D Graph tab.

In the List tab at the bottom right part, you can open an Editing tab to edit or remove a function with double-click and check or uncheck the check box next to the function name to show or hide it.

In the 2D Graph menu you find these options:

  • Grid: Show or hide the grid

  • Keep Aspect Ratio: Keep the aspect ratio while zooming

  • Save: Save (Ctrl+S) the graph as image file

  • Zoom in/out: Zoom in (Ctrl++) and zoom out (Ctrl+-)

  • Actual Size: Reset the view to the original zoom

  • Resolution: Followed by a list of radio buttons to select a resolution for the graphs

Below is a screenshot of a user who's cursor is at the rightmost root of the function, sin(1/x). The user who graphed it used very fine resolution to make this graph (as it oscillates at higher and higher frequency near the origin). There is also a live cursor feature where whenever you move your cursor over a spot, it shows you the x and y values in the bottom left corner of the screen. A live tangent line is plotted on the function at the live cursor location.

KAlgebra 2D Graph window