Chapter 1. Introduction

KAlgebra has numerous features that allow the user to perform all sorts of mathematical operations and show graphically. At one time, this program was MathML oriented. Now it can be used by anyone with a little mathematical knowledge to solve simple and advanced problems alike.

It includes such features as:

  • A calculator for quick and easy evaluation of math functions.

  • Scripting capability for advanced series of calculations.

  • Language capabilities including function definition and syntax autocompletion.

  • Calculus functions including symbolic differentiation, vector calculus, and list manipulation.

  • Function plotting with live cursor for graphical root finding and other types of analysis.

  • 3D plotting for useful visualization of 3D functions.

  • A built-in operator dictionary for quick reference to the many available functions.

Below is a screenshot of the KAlgebra application in action:

KAlgebra main window

When the user begins a KAlgebra session, they are presented with a single window consisting of a Calculator tab, a 2D Graph tab, a 3D Graph tab and a Dictionary tab. Within each tab, you will find an input field to enter your functions or calculations, and a display field which shows the results.

At any time the user may manage their session with the main menu Session options:

SessionNew (Ctrl+N)

Opens a new KAlgebra window.

SessionFull Screen Mode (Ctrl+Shift+F)

Toogle full screen mode for KAlgebra window. The full screen mode can also be switched on and off using button at the top right part of KAlgebra window.

SessionQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Shuts the program down.