Mike McBride

Brad Hards

Version Plasma 5.20 (2020-10-01)

Dies ist die Dokumentation für das Systemeinstellungen-Modul, mit dem die Maus und andere Zeigegeräte eingerichtet werden.




Dieses Modul erlaubt Ihnen die Einrichtung Ihres Zeigegerätes. Das kann eine Maus, ein Trackball, ein Touchpad oder alles andere sein, das die gleiche Funktion erfüllt.

This module is divided into two tabs: General and Advanced.


Button Order

If you are left-handed, you may prefer to swap the functions of the left and right buttons on your pointing device by choosing the Left handed option. If your pointing device has more than two buttons, only those that function as the left and right buttons are affected. For example, if you have a three-button mouse, the middle button is unaffected.

Reverse scroll direction

With this check box selected, the scroll wheel (if any) will work in the opposite direction (so that if rolling the top of the scroll wheel towards you previously causes a scroll down, then it will now cause a scroll up). This may be useful to handle a unusual setup of the X server.


In Plasma™ 5.13 finden Sie die Einstellung, ob Einzel- oder Doppelklicks mit der Maustaste Dateien und Ordner öffnen, im Modul Arbeitsbereich.


Pointer acceleration

Diese Option ermöglicht Ihnen die Einstellung der Beziehung zwischen der auf dem Monitor dargestellten Bewegung des Zeigers und der tatsächlichen Bewegung Ihres Zeigegerätes. Dabei ist es gleichgültig, um was für ein Gerät es sich dabei handelt (also Maus, Joystick, Trackball usw.).

A high value for the acceleration multiplier will lead to large movements of the mouse pointer on the screen, even when you only make a small movement with the physical device.


A multiplier between 1x and 3x will works well for many systems. With a multiplier over 3x the mouse pointer may become difficult to control.

Pointer threshold

The threshold is the smallest distance that the mouse pointer must move on the screen before acceleration has any effect. If the movement is within the threshold, the mouse pointer moves as if the acceleration were set to 1x.

Thus, when you make small movements with the physical device (z. B. mouse), you still have fine control of the mouse pointer on the screen, whereas larger movements of the physical device will move the mouse pointer rapidly to different areas on the screen.

You can set the threshold by entering a value into the edit box or by clicking the up/down arrows to the right of the box.


In general, the higher you set the Pointer acceleration value, the higher you will want to set the Pointer threshold value. For example, a Pointer threshold of 4 pixels may be appropriate for a Pointer Acceleration of 2x, but 10 pixels might be better for 3x.

Double click interval

This is the maximum amount of time between clicks to register a double click. If you click twice, and the time between those two clicks is less than this number, that is recognized as a double click. If the time between these two clicks is greater than this number, it is recognized as two separate single clicks.

Drag start time and Drag start distance

If you

  • click with the mouse

  • drag within the time specified in Drag start time, and

  • move a distance equal to or greater than the number (of pixels) specified in Drag start distance

the selected item will be dragged.

Mouse wheel scrolls by

If you have a wheel mouse, use the spin box to determine how many lines of text one step of the mouse wheel will scroll.