Chapter 4. Vocabulary Practice

To start practicing you select a document after starting Parley. If you have it opened in the editor already, just click Practice in the toolbar.

Practice Setup

Before the actual practice starts, you always get to the Practice Setup page. There are three areas which allow you to choose what to practice:

  • The selection of languages

  • The selection of the practice mode

  • The selection of the lessons that also shows your current progress

On the left you can select the combination of languages you will practice. If you select for example English to French, you will be shown English words and Parley will ask you to enter the French translations.

Below the language selection you choose the practice mode. Practice Mode determines how the practice will ask you questions.

In the big part on the right, you see the lessons of the vocabulary collection. You can select which lessons you want to practice with the check box in front of the lesson name. The number of words that each lesson contains is shown next to its name. On the right of the name you see your current progress for the lesson.

The progress for each lesson is displayed as the percentage of the lesson completed and the multi-shaded progress bars. The percentage is calculated based on the total number of words in that lesson and the grades of each word. The progress bars depict the number of words in each grade, with a darker shade depicting a higher grade. A legend can also be seen at the top of the lesson selections, in the header. The colors in this legend depict the corresponding colors of the progress bars, from the fully learned words to the words not yet practiced.