General Options

The following settings for AMOR can be changed from the Options dialog:


This determines the appearance and behavior of AMOR. Themes are described in the next section.


This slider controls where the animation appears in relation to the top of the active window. The default middle setting will place the animation right above the window title bar, whereas setting the slider all the way to the top or bottom will result in the animation appearing a fair distance above or below the title bar, respectively.


Setting this slider to a lower setting will allow the animation to be visible even when the active window is maximized.

Always on top

Checking this option will cause the animation to always appear in front of any existing windows on the screen, including the panel.

Show random tips

If checked, the animation will display various KDE-related tips at random intervals.

Use random character

If checked, the theme selection is disabled, it will be changed randomly.

Allow application tips

Any KDE application can be designed to display helpful tips via AMOR. If this option is checked, and an appropriate application is the active window, the animation will display tips for that application.


At the time of this writing, no KDE applications make use of this functionality.