AMOR Themes

AMOR comes with many built-in themes, which change the appearance and behavior of the animation. In addition, it is possible to create new AMOR themes. The built-in themes for AMOR are described in the table below

Table 2.1. Available AMOR Themes


Multi-Talented Spot

This is the default theme for AMOR, and also the one with the most tricks. This theme was created by Martin R. Jones. The jet-pack, beaming, and fire animations were contributed by Mark Grant.

Spooky Ghost

A ghost theme based-on the KDE ghostview icon. Spooky Ghost was created by Martin R. Jones.

Crazy Eyes

This theme consists of a moving pair of eyes, and was created by Jean-Claude Dumas.


A stick-figure animation, created by Jean-Claude Dumas.


Neko is a cat theme by Chris Spiegel. The graphics are originally from Oneko, which was written by Masayuki Koba.


Oneko is a small application which features a cat chasing the mouse cursor. The application appears to no longer be maintained, but the source code from the last version is still available.


This theme features Tux, the Linux® mascot. The actual graphics come from a Lemmings-style game called Pingus. The Tux theme was created by Frank Pieczynski.

Little Worm

A small inchworm theme. Created by Bartosz Trudnowski for his wife.

Little Billy

A static image taken from the game XBill .

FreeBSD Mascot

A static image of Beastie, the FreeBSD daemon.

Unanimated Tux

An unanimated version of the Tux theme.


The Tao theme is an animated Yin Yang symbol. This theme was created by Daniel Pfeiffer , and was inspired by his Tai Chi practice.