The Right Mouse Button Menu

This section describes the items in the pop up menu obtained by right clicking on a selected cell or cells, row(s) or column(s).

Cell Format...

Format selected cell(s). See the Spreadsheet Formatting section for more details.


Put selected item(s) into the clipboard. If you then do a Paste the item(s) will be moved from the original location to the new one.


Copy selected item(s) into the clipboard.


Paste item(s) from the clipboard to the selected cells.

Special Paste...

Special forms of Paste. See the sections Other Paste Modes and Arithmetic using Special Paste for more details.

Paste with Insertion...

Paste from the clipboard to the selected cell(s), moving the previous cell(s) to make room.


Delete contents of selected cell(s).

Adjust Row and Column

Change size of row and column to display selected cell(s) completely.

Resize Row...

Change height of selected row.

Adjust Row

Change height of selected row to display cell(s) completely.

Resize Column...

Change width of selected column.

Adjust Column

Change width of selected column to display cell(s) completely.


Set default formats for selected cell(s).

Area Name...

Name selected area. See the section Named Areas for more details.

Insert Cell(s)...

Insert new cell(s) at selected location, moving existing cell(s) to make room.

Remove Cell(s)...

Remove selected cell(s), moving other cell(s) to occupy the space left by the removed cell(s).

Add/Modify Comment...

Add or modify a comment to the selected cell.

Show Related Words

Opens the Related Words dialog box.