The Data Menu


Sort data in selected cells. See the section Sorting Data for more details.

DataText to Columns

This option attempts to interpret text in the selected cell(s) as CSV data, placing each item into a different cell in the row.

DataInsert Column(s)

Insert new column(s) at left of selected column(s).

DataInsert Row(s)

Insert new row(s) above selected row(s).

DataDelete Column(s)

Delete selected column(s).

DataDelete Row(s)

Delete selected row(s).

DataInsert Cell(s)...

Insert new cell(s).

DataRemove Cell(s)...

Remove selected cell(s).

DataMerge Cells

Merge selected cells.

DataDissociate Cells

Dissociate (split apart) previously merged cells.

DataShow Area...

Change KSpread's focus to show a previously named area. See the section Named Cells and Areas for further details.


Create different kinds of subtotals to a database.

DataGoal Seek

Open the Goal Seek dialog box. See Goal Seeking for details.


Consolidate data. See the section Consolidating Data for more details.