Chapter 1. Wacom Tablet Settings

The tablet System Settings module handles all setting for your graphic tablet. All tablets supported by the Linux® Wacom driver project are handled by this settings interface. Make sure your tablet is detected either via xorg.conf or udev and works in general. Refer to the tablet detection section for more information.


The xf86-input-wacom driver must be installed on your computer and xsetwacom must be available in order to make this module work correctly.

The module is split into various tab pages that handle all aspects of your tablet and the pen: Profiles, General Information, Stylus Settings, Express Buttons, Pad Mapping and Touch Mapping.

Profile Management

This is the small drop down box with the two buttons next to it. You can create new profiles and delete already existing ones. Each profile is saved and specified for the currently connected tablet. If you create a new profile, it automatically creates one with the default settings as returned by the driver.

Here you can specify different profiles for your settings. For example if you like to have a different behavior of the pen when you use it as a mouse replacement for your day to day work or using it as pen to draw something.

Each profile can be changed on the fly and directly changes the behavior of your tablet input.


The kded tablet daemon must be running in the background to be able to change the profiles and apply them to the tablet. All the work is done by the daemon. The System Settings module just change the profile settings for it.