Chapter 2. Starting Spectacle

Spectacle can be started in a variety of ways, as described below:

  • In the application launcher menu, Spectacle can be found at ApplicationsUtilitiesScreenshot Capture Utility Spectacle

  • Pressing the Print Screen button on the keyboard (often labeled PrtSc, PrtScn or similar) will immediately launch Spectacle. Additionally, three more keyboard shortcuts are available to take screenshots and save them in your default save folder without showing the GUI:

    • Meta+Print Screen will take a screenshot of the active window

    • Shift+Print Screen will take a screenshot of your entire desktop, i.e. all monitors

    • Meta+Shift+Print Screen will take a rectangular region screenshot

    You can configure the default save location and filename by starting Spectacle normally and clicking on the Configure... button, then navigating to the Save section.

  • The mini command line KRunner (invoked with Alt+F2) may also be used to start Spectacle.

  • Spectacle can be started from the command-line. Spectacle has an extensive set of command-line options, including a background mode which can be used to script the capture of screenshots without showing the GUI or requiring user interaction.

    To start Spectacle from the command prompt, type in:

                        % spectacle &

    To view the full list of command-line options and their explanation, type in:

                        % spectacle --help